Poetry // Remember this feeling

Remember this feeling
This feeling you have
In this very moment

When everything is so clear
When you understand
Without having to put it into words
Without the need to label it

Do not forget this feeling

When you just feel
Feel it all
Without anxiety
As if you were right where you needed to be

Remember this feeling

When things fall into place
When people come
When people go

When you just accept
Whatever life is throwing at you
Because you know
It is just what you need

Oh please do not forget this feeling

When you have trouble turning down that smile on your face
Because it feels strange smiling
For no reason
In this strange world
Where everything always has to have a reason
But nothing ever really has

Remember this feeling

When colours appear brighter than they normally do
When your taste buds create fireworks with the simplest ingredients
When the humblest note by an instrument gives you a rush

Yes, keep this feeling close

When you pay attention to every step you take
When you appreciate your feet
For carrying you through all of your journeys
Without ever complaining

Cherish this feeling

When your heart is beating so fast
So fast you do not know what to make of it
So fast you cannot decide whether it is good or bad
And you end up not even caring which it is

Remember this feeling
This feeling you have
In this very moment

When everything you see appears to be some kind of painting
Pure and raw
Created by a higher power

When you trust
When you are high on life

Remember this very feeling

Consider it a gift
A gift that you have to appreciate
As long as it is there
A gift you have to let go
When the time comes

Remember this feeling
This feeling you have
In this very moment

Embrace it
Live it to the fullest
Feel it
Be it

Because the constant of all of this
The one constant of life
The one and only constant of our existence
Is change

Do not be sad
To let this feeling pass
This feeling you have
In this very moment

Because it will pass
And you will be
I promise

2 thoughts on “Poetry // Remember this feeling

  1. Mike says:

    That’s a beautiful poem!I have two suggestions..”got”is one of those difficult English words to avoid unless it’s a song”I got you babe”etc.it’s also past tense and conflicts with “in this very moment “so “have”might work better or something similar “this feeling now”for example.which leads to no.2″the one and only constant..”which really must be “now”in context with the verse and the theme of your poem. :-)

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