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Lately, my life has been all about the people in it.

The people who I can talk to with no filter. Who understand with no words.

The people who really listen. Who I can laugh with. Who let me cry without asking … but happen to ask the right questions anyway.

The people who I have only recently met but who already feel like old friends. Like family.

The people who challenge me. Who make me feel alive. Who help me see what I couldn’t before.

The people who live thousands of kilometres away. To whom I somehow feel closer now than ever before. When they were right there. Who I can only see on one of my little screens these days. Screens that will never be able to do their real beauty justice.

The people who have always been there. And continue to do so. (Regardless of me burping at least 17 times a day. And yes, I fart, too.)

The people who left. But who are still present in my everyday actions – knowingly or not. Willingly or not.

The people who have come back. Even though I thought they were already gone for good.

Yes, living abroad puts your life into perspective. As regards me, it made me truly appreciate the people in my life. And I’m not just talking friends and family. I’m also talking current and past lovers; old and new friends; friends and so-called “enemies”. None of these labels matter to me. Connection equals connection.

Each and every one of those beautiful souls, whose paths I was able to cross – be it long- or short-term – or who are still accompanying me as of today … they all made and continue to make a difference to me. They have made me a stronger person; they have taught me what I needed to learn exclusively from them; they have helped me to be the best version of myself; they have pushed me forward – in their very own, very special way. Consciously or not. Some of them probably not even aware of their huge significance to me.

Which is exactly why I’m writing these words in this very moment. I want to thank all of you beautiful people in my life. Thank you for everything you’ve taught me. Thank you for all the joy, for all the pain. Thank you for all the laughter, for all the tears. Thank you for your patience, for your reliability. Thank you for giving up on me, for letting me down. Thank you for helping me look inward and get to know myself even more. Poco a poco.

As much as we would like to think we could do it all on our own – this ride we’re on will always be more exciting when shared with others. We might be coming to this world alone and leave it likewise. But the middle part is what counts. So why not connect the hell out of each other? Now!

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