BCN // Puzzleteilchen

Im Herzen bin ich an manchen Tagen eine richtige Oma. Abgesehen davon, dass ich immer alles dabei habe, was man nur im Geringsten irgendwann mal brauchen könnte (Wasser, Nüsse, Pflaster, Zahnseide, etc.) und meine Samstagabende am liebsten mit Brotbacken verbringe, betrachte ich das Leben regelmäßig so, als Continue reading


BCN // Boxes

Let’s talk about boxes for a bit. Yes, you read right. I’m talking about big brown carton boxes right now. As everyone who has moved at least once in their lives knows: they’re probably the most useful thing ever when moving – next to a huge truck and Continue reading

Poco a poco

BCN // Poco a poco

[written on April 13th 2016]

Here I am again, writing on a Wednesday night as if I intended it to be the day of the week on which I let it all sink in for a bit. Which by the way is a lie – I probably haven’t let anything sink in to what I would consider an “appropriate” degree yet. Continue reading